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Like everything I do it was all in from the beginning or not at all... So instead of private labeling I decided to create and fully formulate my own Cosmetics Brand, Taupe! I created this company in 2016 and later sold it to a student of mine who became obsessed with all of the details I had created. 

I created Taupe as a multi-level make-up company. I also woke up at 4 am to work on it before I started my day. I was with most things I do.. completely enthralled with every single detail down to the quality and smell of the products. It was completely gratifying, each new product was a new baby. While some say it was " A labor of love" mine was just pure obsession. 

Of course my first creation in the line was incredible STAY ON ALLL DAY brow powder, Taupe's Brow perfecting Powder. It was obviously my first choice based on my other brow company Lavish Beauty... I love to create but smart enough to always know my market;) Then I created Brow gel then moved onto eye shadow. I even created a launch commercial! Make sure you check it out above. xoxo B  

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