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A lil about me...

I multi-task hard & have done so many things. I thrive with goals. I created & sold my own Cosmetics Company called Taupe Cosmetics, I created & sold a liquor brand called Southernality that I made in Kentucky. For the past 6 years I own & operate an amazing Brow business called Lavish Beauty where i do Microblading, Ombre Brows and Lip Blush and also teach all three, I model and have been in commercials and magazines, I am a photographer for my company Lavish Studios. I most recently created a new Men’s Uncensored Magazine called HABIT Magazine, I am a licensed Esthetician and tattoo artist and I raise three nincredible kids. Not everything we do in this life may be huge success or the right fit. GO DO EVERYTHING you want to do. It’s ok if something doesn’t work, enjoy how you felt while you were creating it and just keep going! Lucky just isn’t accurate for people that work hard. There’s nothing lucky about working smarter, harder and more dedicated. Dont be afraid to push yourself in life, blessings come to those who hustle and take chances. If you want something big in this life, intensify your focus, multiply your motivation and create some life goals. You cannot have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic and you can’t have a life you love without a lifetime payment of passion. XO Brandi #goaldigger  


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