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A lil about me...

I multi-task hard & have done so many things over the years. I thrive with goals and LOVE the creation process! I owned and created U WANT COUNTRY a country website where I interviewed country artists and later added the U WANT COUNTRY Podcast on Apple Music, I created & sold my own Cosmetics Company called Taupe Cosmetics, I created & sold my liquor brand called Southernality in 2017 that I distilled in Kentucky. Southernality is also my trademarked apparel line! For the past 7  years I own & operate an amazing Brow business called Lavish Beauty where i do Microblading, Ombre Brows and Lip Blush and also teach all three, I have a full schedule with clients and students after all these years. I am a longtime model and have been in commercials, video projects and magazines, I am a photographer for my company Lavish Studios. My most recent endeavor which I sold in 2021 is an incredible Men’s Uncensored Magazine called HABIT Magazine, definitely this centuries Playboy mag! I most recently Re-Branded and launched Southernality Coffee!! I am a longtime licensed Esthetician and tattoo artist. I am a mom to three incredible sons. Not everything we do in this life may be huge success or the right fit. GO DO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you want to do. It’s ok if something doesn’t work, enjoy how you felt while you were creating it and just keep going! Lucky just isn’t accurate for people that work hard. There’s nothing lucky about working smarter, harder and more dedicated. Dont be afraid to push yourself in life, blessings come to those who hustle and take chances. If you want something big in this life, intensify your focus, multiply your motivation and create some life goals. You cannot have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic and you can’t have a life you love without a lifetime payment of passion. XO Brandi #goaldigger  



The Cookbook

To say it’s been a long time coming is an understatement. After all these years, it’s finally here! SouthernalityTM The Cookbook. It’s a mouth watering collection of my favorite (and most requested) dishes, drinks, and desserts. It’s down-home cooking you’ll love, straight from my Bama kitchen to yours!
Some of you have been following me from the very beginning, so ya’ll know how much I love to cook! Big family meals are my thing. Holidays? I love them. Celebrations? The more the merrier. BRING ON THE FOOD! There’s literally nothing I love more than a hot, flavorful, home cooked meal. Good food and good company, it’s just the perfect pairing.

If you don’t know me yet, let me tell you, I am a complete foodie! Thankfully, I know my way around the kitchen. I love to turn on some good music, pour a nice glass of wine (or bourbon) and do my thing. When I’m in the kitchen, I’m in my element. The only other place I’m this happy is in the woods! Fortunately, the two go hand in hand. I love coming home after a long day on my property to the warm smell of Camp Crockpot Chicken, it’s the best. Or, when I get to make my Venison Lasagna with this year’s fresh tags. Yum! I would rather skip a meal than just settle on eating so-so tasting food. I don’t want it. There’s no point.

I wanted to bring ya’ll something different than what you might find in a traditional cookbook. I wanted it to be easy to follow, simple to recreate and, of course, it had to deliver delicious flavor. To be honest, I find most cookbooks are overly complicated and frustrating to follow. See, I don’t mind using a shortcut to make things easier, as long as the food stays rich and flavorful, let’s do it. And, much as I love spending all day in the kitchen, I know we don’t always have that kind of time, so I made sure to throw in a couple super-easy go-to’s!

cookbook .jpg
I thrive on creation. It's all about the process and the details. I hope you enjoy my site and this glimpse into what I have achieved and created. I am extremely proud of it all. Thank you for the constant love & support.
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